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Years of Fulfilling Dreams

Chrome PU College is one of the Finest education institute established in Tiptur.

About Us

Welcome To Chrome PU College

The Academy forges connections between the Conservatory of Music and Dance and the greater Kansas City arts community.

About Us

The Community Music & Dance Academy

Conservatory's degree programs by bridging the national reputation & excellence of the Conservatory with the local musical needs.

About Us


    At Chrome PU College, the learning environment is enriched by a team of highly experienced and motivated faculty and staff. The pedagogy is engaging and relevant and is designed to broaden perspectives, deepen understanding, enrich awareness, and establish thought-provoking approach.

    The College nurtures creativity and curiosity. It hosts an extensive range of extracurricular activities to sharpen the inherent talents and enhance student life. The students are encouraged to develop leadership skills through participation in a wide array of student-led activities.

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