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The Development of your mind, the gathering of information in the different subjects of your study, digesting this information and putting in into a practical framework will be the major part of your education here. Let your aim to study be not just to successful reproduce on an examination what you have learnt, but to cultivate art of thinking for yourself, of thinking analytically and critically and expressing yourself clearly.

Do not limit yourself to class material. Go deep into your subject by regular study and wide reading. At the same time broaden your mental horizons by getting at least a working knowledge of all subjects important for life even though they do not form part of your syllabus. Thus, commerce and Arts students would do well to acquire a general Knowledge of scientific theories and technological innovations while Science Students should have a working knowledge of economics, political and other factors that influence everyday life.


Have a time-table for your home study and keep abrest of the material being covered in class.

The College has a good Library and reading room. Make good use othe library particularly during your free hours.


“A sound mind rests in a sound body”goesthe saying Towards the integral development of your personality it is essential that you give importance also to the development of your bodily powers through games and athletics and acquire skills for body tonality and endurance. The College has spacious playgrounds and good facilities. If you are judged good enough to lead the College Colours of any team consider it a happy privilege. The regular PT Periods, participation is Taluk Level, District Level, State Level and National LevelSports and Games, The inter-class games events, and daily practices provided in College will help you to tone your Body.


At this Stage of your growth, you experience emotions in great intensity. At times your will be overwhelmed my mixed emotions. You need to learn to experience and express your personal feelings as well as recognize and interpret those feelings of others. To help you do this we provide you the following platform. Various inter-class cultural activities will help you in this line.

The AICUF and MAGIS with social activities, the NSS with its regular work camps helps you amoung other things to develop what everyone should cultivate: Physical endurance, team spirit, Fair play punctually and habits of health and hygiene.


As an Institution run by a religious group, highest importance is given to spiritual formation and character development. Ultimately a person is what his spiritual and moral values are, and the aspect of your education that you all your life will be this one.

Your character includes the complexes of your values which express themselves in you attitudes and your dealings and relations with othe and the world around you, and the way you face the problems and challenges of life. The time in college is the period when you have to build up your value system: justice, reconciliation, Co-operation, fellowship and concern for others, belief in and filial devotion to God and a universal love that embraces all people cutting across barriers of religion or caste or nationality.

As a help to this, you have regular programs in Value Educat Perhaps even more than this you will pick up your values from your companions, teachers and elders while you yourself by your life will be influencing the value system of others.

Essential to any spiritual and value information is self-descipline, the systematic effort to channelize your impulse and emotions and feelings to their proper and thus make them a power for good. Lack of decipline results in confusion and choose, both internal and external, personal and social, where no true education is possible.

Thus, rules of descipline of the College will help you cultivate interior self-discipline if you interiorize them in the right Spirit


A good part of our education, the broadening of our horizons, inculcation of values, Learning to relate and deal with others, exercise of participative leadership etc., takes place through Co-curricular activities. The College provides rich opportunities in this regard and we have a dedicated Staff who joyfully give a lot of their time for the benefit of the students.


We understand the crying need of our times is not only person with a vision but also persons with a mission, with a genuine social consciousness and a heart for others. In a society where people are victimized by personal and institutionalized injustice, in a society that is constantly threatened by trends of communalism, the forces of injustice and exploitation and respond to the situation adequately.

For thus we need people who are socially conscious, who find the meaning of life by being at the service of others even at the cost of their lives:- Truly: Men and Women for others.

If you cultivate such a concern / spirit and move out of this Institution imbued with a sense of social responsibility, ready to risk your lives for the less privileged, only then, The College will have succeeded in its mission and genuinely be proud of its accomplishments. Towards this integral development of body, mind and heart we have certain helps to offer you: the help of our staff and our counseling services.


Our lives are shaped very much by the people with whom we constantly interact, and here it will be your teachers.

You have an excellent staff in this College: make good use of their experience and knowledge through constant personal contact both inside and outside the classroom. Today, more than ever, closer ties between staff and students in the only way to counteract many problems arising from the impersonal atmosphere prevailing in most of our colleges. This would of course men that you are willing to be guided by your teachers.

This staff-student affinity will be all the more effective if parents co-operate and keep in touch with the college and staff. As a help towards this, the College brings together parents and teachers with specific programs which would assist parents with insights into the problems of growing youngsters like you.

Many of our staff members have undergone training to help you not only with your academic difficulties but also with your personal and emotional problems. You may always approach them for guidance, not only to help you solve your problems but also to help you become more effective in the way you function. All the batches will be given a Class Guide who will meet his/her wards regularly and also conduct well-planned programs and assemblies, to give you self-confidence, healthy interpersonal relationships and effective utilization of their talents and abilities.


Counselling service is provided to the students and to the parents. Students may seek help from the Student Counsellors for a variety of concerns including: surviving college, important decisions in one’s personal life.

Counselling services are confidential

Students will have to meet their respective Counsellors on regular basis. Please feel free to seek their help and support.